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About Native Ads

Native Ads is one of the world’s leading native ad exchanges, connecting advertisers, brands and agencies with publishers, networks and exchanges via content recommendation and in­feed ad widgets. With a monthly reach of over 700 million monthly unique users, advertisers can easily split test hundreds of ad variations and optimize their campaigns with ease using the self­serve advertising platform.

Lecture Overview:

Native Ads presents ­- “Shut Up & Put Your Money Where Your Conversions Are” Sponsors are notorious for delivering presentations filled with theories and stories about performance marketing. We intend to do the exact opposite. A no­nonsense 100% factual case study is in production for your review at the A4D Performance Summit . Thanks to the good people at A4D, we’re currently promoting a set of offers as a client of our own Native Advertising Platform “Titan” in a side­by­side comparison using direct accounts with Google, Bing, Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo Gemini, and RevContent. We’ll be sharing everything with you from creatives, landers, campaign settings & bidding strategies, and most importantly ­the results!